Your baby deserves better than Dr. Google!

Need some guidance about taking care of your Newborn at home? No matter how small your concern, our experts are here to listen patiently, and guide you with practical at-home behaviours.


Every woman who experiences childbirth for the first time is completely new to baby care. Lack of clinical and social support can cause new mothers to feel exhausted, guilty and even depressed. We want mothers to know that they are not alone. Every mother is different, and no question is too small!

What we can help you with:

  • Transition to Solid Food

  • Burping, Colic, Inconsolable Crying and other Digestion related issues

  • Managing Diaper Rashes and Heat Rashes at home

  • Regular Vaccination Reminders

  • Track your Baby’s Milestones and get Reports and Fun Learning Activities to help your Baby grow Smarter and Stronger

  • Activities to help your baby Sit, Crawl and Walk with ease.

  • Managing colds, coughs and fever at home

  • Feeding practices that work for you and your Baby.

    *All support is offered on Whatsapp in English

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Rs. 799 / month

Rs. 1199 / month

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