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Please note that this service is only for babies less than 12 months.

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Please note that this service is only for babies less than 12 months.


Every woman who experiences childbirth for the first time is completely new to breastfeeding. Lack of clinical and social support can cause new mothers to feel exhausted, guilty and even depressed. We want mothers to know that they are not alone. Every mother is different, and no question is too small!

What we can help you with:

  • Preparing for Breastfeeding before your baby is born

  • Increasing Breastmilk Supply using proper Nutrition and Best Practices

  • Correct Latching Techniques and Breastfeeding Positions

  • Breastfeeding after a C-section

  • Management of Breast Engorgement

  • Treating Cracked, Bleeding and Inverted Nipples

  • Transitioning from Bottle Feeding to Breastfeeding

  • Weight Gain for a Breastfeeding Baby

  • Breastfeeding for a Preterm Baby

  • Burping, Colic, Inconsolable Crying and other Digestion related issues

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Parents Speak

"Thank you so much for your advice. It was really helpful, and it worked. Will get back to you in case of more queries. You guys are doing a great job. Please continue. For new mommies, this platform is really helpful"
- Amritha, New Delhi, Parent of a 5 day old baby

"Your service is really great. Thanks a lot. You're a great help to me"
- Mudita, New Delhi, Parent of a 7 month old baby

"Thank you so much for the quick response. It's so simple and incredible"
- Krishna, Jaipur, Parent of 2 day old baby

"I was concerned about the doctor's using the feed pipe for my baby, as I had doubt if there is any problem with him. But thanks a lot for your valuable advice. I found this app to be very fruitful"
- Naveen, Dehradun, Parent of 5 day old baby

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