Stay connected to your patients, without impacting your OPD hours. By partnering with us, you get a 24x7 support team to provide timely information & evidence-based guidance to your patients.



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WHO we are


BabyOnTrack is a digital service to guide new parents on evidence-based breastfeeding and newborn care practices at home. Our care team comprises of IBCLC lactation experts, nurses, mental health experts and nutritionists. We want parents to get fast and easy access to reliable information so that they feel less stressed. At the same time, we want doctors to be able to stay connected to their patients without any untimely disturbance during their OPD hours.

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BabyOnTrack is a simple solution for all those patient queries you may get at night or during OPD hours! We aim to provide doctors with a care team dedicated to your patients at home, so that you can focus on the patients in your OPD. We send your patients reminders for check-ups and vaccinations. We are not a telemedicine service, so in case of any complications, we immediately refer patients back to you. Doctors also get monthly MIS reports so they are constantly in touch with their patient’s health outcomes.

Parents get reliable content & advice about healthy caregiving , as recommended by the WHO, AAP and IAP. No more using Dr. Google to self-diagnose! They also get support on breastfeeding, vaccination reminders, mental health and exercises for growth and development.

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Frequently asked Questions


+ How do I register my patients on BabyOnTrack?

FIrstly, welcome to BabyOnTrack. We are excited to partner with you. To register, follow 3 simple steps:

  • On the top of the page, click on "Register as a Clinical Partner" and fill up your details
  • Our team will get back to you within 6 hours with a Unique Identification Code, specific to you
  • Ask your patients to register on using this Unique Identification Code
  • Once a month, we will send you MIS reports with a summary of all the support we have provided your patients, including lactation consultations, vaccination reminders etc.

+ Who is in the BabyOnTrack Care Team?

Our all-star care team comprises of pediatric and obstetric nurses, IBCLC lactation experts, mental health counsellors and nutritionists. The only doctors who have access to the patient's information is the doctor who enrolled the patient on BabyOnTrack.

+ What is our Technology Back-end?

We provide support to parents in the form of calls and messages. They do not need to install a separate app to use our service!

+ Is the patient’s data safe?

Yes. Only the care team has access to patient data. In any kind of research, patient data is hidden. We also do not sell data to insurance companies or other third parties

+ What is the language of communication with parents?

Our communication over messages is in English only. Lactation calls are provided in English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam.

+ Do we recommend specific products?

Never. For equipment like bottles, breastpumps, we may give parents recommendations for a list of products that are commonly considered high quality. For critical products like formula or vaccinations, we always instruct the parent to speak to the doctor directly for recommendations.


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