With the advent of digital health, more doctors want to stay connected to their patients. However, time remains a limiting resource. BabyOnTrack is a fast, convenient, and neutral way for Doctors to build patient engagement.



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WHO we are


A digital helpline that gives parents fast and easy access to credible, evidence- based newborn care practices via personalized coaching with healthcare experts. Our team comprises of pediatric and obstetric nurses, IBCLC lactation experts, mental health experts and nutritionists. Our goal is education and reinforcement of health promoting behaviours to improve outcomes for newborns.

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BabyOnTrack is a simple solution for your and your patients. It has been built in close collaboration with neonatologists and pediatricians. New parents get useful content & advice about healthy behaviours, and track their baby's health. They also save time and the hassle of visiting the clinic/ hospital everytime and get continued, comprehensive care at home. With a channel dedicated to your patients, you can focus on the patients in your OPD and deliver better health outcomes. We make sure that you get no untimely patient queries on WhatsApp, Calls or SMSes. Your personal space is yours, again! We refer parents back to you, in case of any reported complications requiring medical intervention.

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Frequently asked Questions


+ What is our Clinical Back-end?

Our Clinical back-end is a team of doctors and nurses with pediatric training from Bangalore’s top tertiary care hospitals. The parents’ questions are first routed to the nurse team. If they determine that it requires escalation, it is routed to the doctor. All parties have access to full patient history so that they can make an informed recommendation

+ What is our Technology Back-end?

We are in the process of building a technology back-end that will allow for multi-user functionality and some automation. It would be ready in 3-4 months. Our service runs on WhatsApp Business today, because it provides minimum barrier to adoption by parents

+ Is the patient’s data safe?

Yes. Only the clinical team has access to patient data. If we use their case externally, patient data is hidden. We also do not sell data to insurance companies or other third parties

+ What is the language of communication with parents?

Our communication today is in English only. We will add capability for Hindi and one other regional language by the end of the year

+ Do we recommend specific products?

No. For equipment like bottles, breastpumps, we may give parents recommendations for a list of products that our clinical team has had positive experience with. We also give them the criteria for our recommendation - the parent is always the final decision maker. For critical products like formula, we always instruct the parent to speak to the doctor.


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