Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What happens after I BUY A PACK?

A. Once you buy a pack,

  1. You will receive a form on WhatsApp about your baby to get you on-boarded.

  2. After you are enrolled, you can start messaging your concerns to our clinicians right away!

q. Is my baby eligible under the service?

A. Any baby under 1 year of age is eligible.


Q. How long can I use this service for? 

A. Our medical team will be available to you from 7 am to 10 pm.


Q. Which doctors and nurses will be monitoring my baby?

A. The BabyOnTrack medical team consists of experienced neonatologists, pediatricians and qualified nurses with years of experience in treatment of high-risk newborns. They have been trained at renowned tertiary care hospitals in Bangalore. 


Q. What are the daily reminders for?

A. The daily reminders are to encourage you to fill in details about your baby’s feeding, sleeping, stool colour etc. This monitoring data enables the nurses and doctors provide a more valuable assessment of your baby. It also helps you to keep track of any changes in your baby’s routine patterns. You will receive weekly reports based on the information you fill out.

Q. what is the milestone tracking feature?

A. Developmental milestones are easily identifiable skills that the baby can perform, such as rolling over, sitting up, and walking. Early detection of developmental problems in infants is essential for timely and effective intervention. There are a number of standardized assessments such as the Battelle Developmental Inventory, McCarthy Scales of Children's Abilities etc. We have simplified these tools to help you track your baby's motor, language and social/ emotional development at 2 month intervals. BabyOnTrack will send you Milestone Tracking reports every month. You will also get fun learning activities that you can do with your baby to help them grow and develop their personal and social development and problem-solving.

Q. what is the Vaccination Reminder feature?

A. To keep your baby protected and safe, it is important to get your baby immunised on time. BabyOnTrack will send you Vaccination Reminders according to the IAPOCI prescribed immunization schedule. Based on your baby’s age, you will receive the reminders a week or two in advance, so that you can make an appointment with your paediatrician well in time. There are over 40 published scientific studies that show that Vaccination reminder services have been effective in increasing compliance by 20%.



A. We can help answer all your small worries about your baby's health and provide an immediate response to guide you correctly.

  • Breastfeeding and Lactation

  • Maternal and Child Nutrition

  • Weight Gain

  • Sleep & Food Transition

  • Vaccinations

  • Developmental Milestones

  • Skin and Diaper Rashes


Q. Is BabyOnTrack a tele-medicine or diagnostic service?

A. No, BabyOnTrack is a health monitoring service to answer questions about baby’s general wellbeing through messages, images and videos. We will advise parents to seek medical care if required in response to a query. However, it should not be used as a replacement to your own understanding of your child’s health nor should it be used as a diagnostic tool or medical treatment.


Q. How do I know that my contact details and my baby’s information is safe?

A. As a part of the process for registration, both parties (parent and BabyOnTrack team) will agree to a set of terms and conditions that guarantee privacy and safety of your contact details and your baby’s medical information. Medical history, messages, images, video and other responses collected during the monitoring will only be accessible to the relevant medical professionals and clinical research team.