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The first year with your premature baby home can be difficult. With BabyOnTrack, get the support you need, when you need it.


We specialise in Premature Baby Care and we can help you with:

  • Guidance on Weight Gain for Premature babies based on Gestational age

  • Support on Pallada/Spoon feeding, Breastfeeding and Formula feeding for Preemies

  • Managing Jaundice, Respiratory issues at home

  • Increasing Breastmilk Supply using proper Nutrition and Best Practices.

  • Breastfeeding positions which are best for Premature babies

  • Regular counselling on Burping, Inconsolable Crying and other Digestion related issues

  • Personalised Vaccination Reminders and Milestone Reports based on your baby’s corrected Gestational Age

  • Daily Tracking of Urine and Stool Output

*All support is offered on WhatsApp in English

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Rs. 799 / month

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Rs. 1199 / month

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Rs. 2499 one time

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We have product and service innovations that help resolve Neonatal Hypothermia and provide prolonged Kangaroo Mother Care.

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Small babies get dangerously cold easily. The award-winning TempWatch alerts you when this happens so that you can warm your baby by providing KMC (Kangaroo Care)

KMC (Kangaroo Care) is a proven way to help babies gain weight quickly and avoid infections. The KangaSling makes doing skin-to-skin care easy for long periods of time.


Our experts provide regular counselling on weight gain for your premature baby’s first year. We make sure that your baby grows strong and nourished at home.


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We assess your baby’s developmental milestones based on his/her Gestational Age and our fun learning activities help your preemie grow at a regular pace.

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It can be scary to come home with a premature baby. Our clinical team ensures that your baby stays healthy and happy with regular video and photo assessment.


How It Works

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Real Stories from Real Mothers


It’s an awesome app. They help to resolve not only queries, but also give new ideas so that your child achieves all the milestones well ahead of time... my son is a premature baby. I was in constant touch with BabyOnTrack and they helped me and my son to achieve all the first year milestones well ahead of son started walking before he turned 11 months. Their suggestions helped me in planning the diet chart which is why my baby had gained weight appropriately. Very big thank you to baby on track team.

- Mudita, New Delhi, Parent of an 11 month old baby

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